Technical Reports


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UCSC-SOE-17-04Malacology: A Programmable Storage System03/16/2017
UCSC-SOE-17-02Spatio-temporal modelling using integro-difference equations with bivariate stable kernels03/01/2017
UCSC-SOE-17-01Assessing systematic risk in the S&P500 index between 2000 and 2011: A Bayesian nonparametric approach01/02/2017
UCSC-SOE-16-20Characterization of Flip-Flop Designs at Subthreshold Voltages12/13/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-19A Variation-Tolerant Architecture for High-Density Multi-Level Memristor Memories12/01/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-17Learning From Graph Neighborhoods Using LSTMs11/18/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-15Bayesian spectral modeling for multiple time series09/06/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-14Incentives for Truthful Evaluations08/28/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-13TrueReview: A Proposal for Post-Publication Peer Review08/28/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-12Brados: Declarative, Programmable Object Storage07/25/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-11CFGs-2-NLU: Sequence-to-Sequence Learning for Mapping Utterances to Semantics and Pragmatics07/22/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-10Popper: Making Reproducible Systems Performance Evaluation Practical05/19/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-08GassyFS: An In-Memory File System That Embraces Volatility04/07/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-07Sensitivity Analysis and Emulation for Functional Data using Bayesian Adaptive Splines03/29/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-06Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling for Integro-Difference Equations03/01/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-05A Bayesian Nonparametric Markovian Model for Nonstationary Time Series03/01/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-04Dynamics of Peer Grading: An Empirical Study02/26/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-03Real-Time Detection of In-Flight Aircraft Damage02/19/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-02Bayesian semiparametric methods for emulation and calibration of stochastic computer simulators01/14/2016
UCSC-SOE-16-01Faceted Dynamic Information Flow via Control and Data Monads01/04/2016
UCSC-SOE-15-21Crowdsourcing Scientific Paper Review11/16/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-20TCP Inigo: Ambidextrous Congestion Control10/20/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-19Incentives for Truthful Peer Grading10/17/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-18A new family of error distributions for Bayesian quantile regression10/09/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-17Asynchronous Distributed Gibbs Sampling09/25/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-16Reliable aggregation of boolean crowdsourced tasks08/10/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-15Modeling for Dynamic Ordinal Regression Relationships: An Application to Estimating Maturity of Rockfish in California07/03/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-14Bayesian Nonparametric Modeling for Multivariate Ordinal Regression07/03/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-13Bayesian nonparametric modeling for disease incidence data07/03/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-12The Case for Programmable Object Storage Systems06/11/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-11A Bayesian Hierarchical Generalized Pareto Spatial Model for Exceedances Over a Threshold05/28/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-10Mantle: A Programmable Metadata Load Balancer for the Ceph File System05/18/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-09Game Semantics for Type Soundness05/14/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-08Multivariate Stochastic Process Models for Correlated Responses of Mixed Type05/11/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-07Tackling the Reproducibility Problem in Systems Research with Declarative Experiment Specifications05/01/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-06Latent Frequency Synthesis for Behavioral Hard Disk Drive Access Time Models04/30/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-05Determining Convergence in Gaussian Process Surrogate Model Optimization04/17/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-04Bayesian mixture modeling for spectral density estimation04/16/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-03Human Computation for Object Detection02/08/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-02What I See Is What You Get: Eye Tracking Based Saliency for Automatic Content Aware Image Processing01/29/2015
UCSC-SOE-15-01Union and Intersection Contracts01/23/2015
UCSC-SOE-14-16Dynamic Mapping for Multiview Autostereoscopic Displays12/18/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-15Traveling through Time and Code: Omniscient Debugging and Beyond12/03/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-14TCP Inigo: Fighting Congestion With Both Hands11/15/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-13Bayesian Nonparametric Predictive Modeling of Group Health Claims10/20/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-12Redo: Reproducibility at Scale10/14/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-11Traces for Type Soundness09/11/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-10Flexible Integro-Difference Equation Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Data09/11/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-09Erasure Coding & Read/Write Separation in Flash Storage08/15/2014
UCSC-SOE-14-08Run, Fatboy, Run: Applying the Reduction to Uniprocessor Algorithm to Other Wide Resources07/23/2014

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