Faculty and students in the Baskin School of Engineering pursue novel, visionary research that leads to positive societal impact. On this page, you can watch videos from our faculty labs and explore some of the areas of research in which we excel. 

Adaptive Optical Microscopy

Late Professor Joel Kubby used adaptive optics for biological imaging, applying technology originally developed for astronomy to enable deeper imaging of tissue at higher resolutions.

Cyber Physical Systems

Professor Ricardo Sanfelice and his Hybrid Systems Lab works to develop Cyber Physical Systems that incorporate networks, computers, and physics. applied to aerial vehicles.

Statistics and Statistical Modeling

The BSOE Statistics faculty, one of the best applied Bayesian departments in the world, uses statistical models to create real world applications from massive amounts of data.

Bioelectronic and Bioprotonic Devices

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Marco Rolandi is researching the use of technological devices to mimic biological processes.

Internets of the Future

Faculty and students in the BSOE Computer Engineering Department are researching and developing applications that will enable the internet to evolve and get to the next level.

Interactive Systems for Individuals with Special Needs

Sri Kuniawan is leading her student to research and develop games and applications to help people with special needs.

Applied Optics and Optofluidics

Professor Holger Schmidt gives a tour of his labs and discusses his research in optofluidics. By working together, Schmidt and his UC Santa Cruz colleagues have discovered important biomedical applications for this technology.

Applied Mathematics

The use of mathematical methods and reasoning to solve real-world problems of a scientific or decision-making nature in a wide variety of subjects.

The Archosaur Genome

Finding the Common Ancestor of Birds and Crocodilians. Read more:

Center for Research in Storage Systems

A University/Industry cooperative center that is partially funded by the National Science Foundation and primarily funded by industrial partners.

Games and Human Computer Interaction

Professor of Computational Media, Katherine Currie Isbister and her students use games to explore how technology can influence human's emotional experiences.

The Neanderthal Genome

Understanding Human Evolution

Research Areas