Michael M. Oye

  • Assistant Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering
  • Director, Materials Analysis for Collaborative Science Facility
  • Associate Director, Advanced Studies Laboratories
  • Electrical Engineering
  • NASA Ames Research Center, Building N239, Room 163
  • SOE2
  • Prof. Oye's research posts include University of California Santa Barbara (1998-2000), IBM Research Division (1999), The University of Texas at Austin (2000-2007), University of California Los Angeles (2007-2008), NASA Ames Research Center (2008-present), and as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at University of California Santa Cruz (2011-present). His research area for the past 15 years involves electronic materials processing of dielectrics and semiconductors for both opto- and nano-electronic device applications. His research publications have been cited nearly 350 times just in the past 5 years alone. B.S., Chemical Engineering (UCSB-1999) B.S., Chemistry (UCSB-2000) M.S., Materials Science & Engineering (Texas-2002) Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering (Texas-2006) Postdoc, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Texas-2007) Postdoc, Materials Science & Engineering (UCLA-2008) Lecturer, Materials Science & Engineering (UCLA-2008) Lecturer (AY-B), Chemical and Materials Engineering (SJSU, 2009-present) Professor (Asst. Adj.), Electrical Engineering (UCSC, 2011-present)
  • Nanotechnology-based materials and devices for applications involving solar, piezoelectric, graphene, lighting, and chemical sensors
  • Courses:EE 293-02EE 293-50
  • UCLA - Postdoc (2008)
  • The University of Texas at Austin - M.S./Ph.D./Postdoc (2002/2006/2007)
  • University of California Santa Barbara - B.S./B.S. (1999/2000)

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