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Jack Baskin School of Engineering
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

  • Dean's Office 831-459-4877  


Alexander Wolf
Dean of the Baskin School of Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Baskin Engineering 335

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Stacy Wilson


Associate Dean for Research

Holger Schmidt
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Narinder Singh Kapany Endowed Chair of Optoelectronics
Associate Dean for Research
Director, W.M. Keck Center for Nanoscale Optofluidics

Baskin Engineering, Room 245

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Jim Whitehead
Professor, Computational Media

Engineering 2, Room 273
Mondays, 4-5:00pm or by appointment

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies

Matthew Guthaus
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
UC Co-Director, Cal-Bridge CS

Engineering 2, Room 595-L
By appointment

Executive Advisor to the Dean

Abigail Kaun, Ph.D.
Executive Advisor to the Dean

Baskin Engineering Room 339

Assistant Dean

Anne Criss
Assistant Dean

Baskin Engineering Room 333

Director of Communications

Jason Alvarez
Director of Communications

Baskin Engineering, Room 323

Senior Director of Development

Roger Trippel
Senior Director of Development
Individual Giving

831-459-5646 (Office)
Baskin Engineering 315B

Senior Director of Corporate Development

Frank P. Howley, Jr.
Senior Director of Corporate Development

UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley

Finance Director

Eric W. Ormsby
Director of Finance

831-576-2047 (Remote Office)

Director - Strategic Space Planning

Maureen McLean
Director - Strategic Space Planning

831-345-2165 (cell)
Engineering 2, Room 567
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

Facilities and Laboratory Director

Peter Minogue
Director of Laboratories and Facilities

Baskin Engineering, Room 349

Staff Human Resources Manager

Director of Student Excellence, Engagement, and Inclusion

Dr. Carmen Robinson
Director, Student Excellence, Engagement and Inclusion
Director, MESA Engineering Program

Baskin Engineering, Room 119

Director of Graduate Student Affairs

Tracie Tucker
Director of Graduate Student Affairs

Engineering 2, Room 595J
By Appointment Only

Director of Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Andrea Peeters
Director of Undergraduate Advising

Baskin Engineering, Room 235

 Director of Academic Affairs

Benjamin Ruwe
Director of Academic Personnel and Payroll

Baskin Engineering, Room 321

Roxanne Monnet
Academic Personnel Analyst

Baskin Engineering, Room 319

Computing Director

Kristin Bradham
Systems Integrations Supervisor

831 502 8110
extn 28110
311A Baskin Engineering
Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 4:30PM

Department Chairs

Applied Mathematics

Qi Gong
Professor and Department Chair, Applied Mathematics

Baskin Engineering, Room 361A

Biomolecular Engineering

Josh Stuart
Professor and Department Chair, Biomolecular Engineering
Associate Director of CBSE for Cancer and Stem Cell Genomics
Baskin Endowed Chair

Physical Sciences Bldg, Room 308
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 pm - 11:00 am

Computational Media

Sri Kurniawan
Professor and Department Chair, Computational Media

Engineering 2, Room 371
Thursdays 11 AM - noon or by email appointment

Computer Science and Engineering

J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
Distinguished Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Department
CITRIS Campus Director

831-459-4153 (Office)
Engineering 2, Room 317
By appointment.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Marco Rolandi
Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Baskin Engineering, Room 253B
By appointment


Robert Lund
Professor and Department Chair, Statistics

Engineering 2, Room 519

Applied Mathematics Graduate Director

Dongwook Lee
Associate Professor, Applied Mathematics

Baskin Engineering, Room 357C

Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics Graduate Director

Russell Corbett-Detig
Assistant Professor, Biomolecular Engineering

Sinsheimer, Room 137

Computational Media Graduate Director

Michael Mateas
Professor, Computational Media

Engineering 2, Room 373
Tuesday 4:00-5:00, Friday 10:00-11:00. Sign up with Calendly link below (under webpage).

Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Director

Roberto Manduchi
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Engineering 2, Room 327
By appointment

Computer Engineering Graduate Director

Katia Obraczka
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Engineering 2, Room 323

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Director

Ricardo Sanfelice
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering 2, Room 517
By appointment only.

Statistics Graduate Director

Juhee Lee
Associate Professor, Statistics

Engineering 2, 529

Technology Management Graduate Director


Director of Department Operations


Senior Department Managers

Danielle D. Ditmars
Senior Department Manager, Computer Science & Engineering

Engineering 2, Room 298C