Biomolecular Engineering

The Biomolecular Engineering (BME) Department within the Jack Baskin School of Engineering features an interdisciplinary blend of engineering, biology, chemistry, and statistics designed to foster collaboration with other departments. This blend reflects our vision of the direction that biomedical discovery will take over the next two decades.

The BME Department ladder-rank faculty includes  Mark Akeson, Phil Berman, Angela Brooks, Russ Corbett-Detig, Rebecca DuBois, Camilla Forsberg, Ed Green, David Haussler, Richard Hughey, Kevin Karplus, Daniel Kim, Todd Lowe (17-18 Department Chair), Benedict Paten, Nader Pourmand, Josh Stuart, and Christopher Vollmers . Jonathan Trent, Robert Coffman, Zemin Zhang, Ted Goldstein, David Bernick, and Nathalie Scholler hold adjunct faculty appointments in the department. David Deamer, UC Davis Emeritus Professor of chemistry and biochemistry also holds a research professor appointment with the BME Department.

Members of the BME Department collaborate actively with faculty from other SOE departments, such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Electrical Engineering, and with the Physical & Biological Sciences departments of MCD Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, and Ocean Sciences.

New Faculty

Baskin School of Enginering adds 11 new faculty members, including  Biomolecular Engineering faculty Benedict Paten.

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Nathan Schaefer

This year’s fellowship recipient is at the cutting edge of biomolecular engineering

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Olena Morozova

UCSC Genomics Institute's Olena Morozova and David Haussler on the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative, which is working to better understand and better treat cancer in children.

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Tumor Database

Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation are making an 11,000+ tumor database available for use by all researchers.

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Stefanie Brizuela

Brizuela will receive a scholarship and be paid to participate in research training next summer at the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland.

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David Dreamer

A paradigm-shifting hypothesis laid out by UC Santa Cruz astrobiologists David Deamer and Bruce Damer could reshape our idea about the origin of life.

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Biomolecular engineer Nader Pourmand has spent years developing technology to measure and track changes within a single living cell over time.

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Edmundo Perez and Rebecca DuBois

Edmundo Perez (College 10 ‘17, bioengineering) is being recognized for his work on how the human immune system blocks virus infection and disease.

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Angela Brooks, Professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Baskin School of Engineering, named "Scientist to Watch" in the April 2017 edition of The Scientist Magazine.

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Russ Corbett-Detig

Corbett-Detig studies evolution and genetic diversity in species ranging from fruit flies to humans. 

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Ed Green's startup, Dovetail Genomics,  opened its doors in summer 2013 in a bio-incubator space on campus, and now employs about 20 people in its own office in Santa Cruz. (Photo by Steve Kurtz)

The Office of Research is working to bolster patent activities and services for technology transfer, part of an effort to help faculty, students and staff commercialize inventions and discoveries.

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