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C. Seshadhri lands SDM/IBM Early Career Data Mining Researcher Award

Professor Seshadhri
Professor Seshadhri
Friday, March 15, 2019
James McGirk

UC Santa Cruz Baskin School of Engineering Associate Professor C. Seshadhri of computer science has been awarded an SDM/IBM Early Career Data Mining Researcher Award for Excellence in Data Analytics.

The award recognizes a single individual who has “made outstanding, influential, and lasting contributions to the field of data analysis within ten years of receiving their Ph.D.”

Seshadhri received his Ph.D from Princeton in 2008, then worked at IBM Almaden and Sandia National Laboratories as a researcher before joining the faculty at Baskin School of Engineering in 2015 as an assistant professor, becoming an associate professor in 2018.

Seshadhri’s research is theoretical, mixing mathematics and computer science to understand complex relationships within networks or recommendation systems, or to discover where machine learning has fallen short.

“I’ve done a fair bit of work in what’s called subgraph counting,” Seshadhri explained. “If you have a large network, it’s useful to find small patterns within it; what I’ve done is to take techniques from theoretical computer science and designed faster and more practical algorithms for these applications. This has led to connections like: ‘how do you find similar people on Twitter.’”

Winners of the SDM/IBM Early Career Data Mining Researcher Award are nominated by a peer, and determined by a committee of experts in the field, which included Haesen Park at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Arindan Banerjee at the University of Minnesota, and Zoran Obradovic at Temple University.

The award, one of the most important in data science, is a significant achievement for the growing community of data science experts at UC Santa Cruz.

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