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UCSC Genome Browser lauched for mobiles

The genomepad interface to
The genomepad interface to
Friday, December 18, 2009
Richard Hughey

Researchers at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research have release an iPhone-based version of the UCSC Genome Browser.  The GenomePad application is available for free download and connects to servers at the Baskin School of Engineering

The UCSC Genome Browser,, was launched with the public assembly of the human genome and since then has expanded to include many additional genomes.  The browser has led to the development of several specialized browsers including the Archael Browser and most recently the Cancer Browser.  The site is a project of UCSC's Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, directed by Professor of Biomolecular Engineering and HHMI Investigator David Haussler. Research Scientist Dr. James Kent leads the UCSC Genome Browser project. is supported by the NIH, HHMI, QB3, and other sponsors.