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Computer Engineering Advisory Board Meets

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Richard Hughey

The Department of Computer Engineering's advisory board met on Wednesday, March 18. The group, formed in 2003, is dedicated to supporting Computer Engineering as it strives towards excellence and continuous improvement in its programs and initiatives.

This meeting's attendees and UCSC degrees included: Bijoy Chatterjee, National Semiconductor; Keith Derrick, Plantronics; Donald Gaubatz, Microprocessor Report; Quinn Jacobson, Nokia, BS CE 1994; David Levy, Oracle, BS CE 1988, PhD CE 1994; Thomas Malzbender, HP Labs; David Pease, IBM Almaden Research Center, PhD CE 2008; and Michael Riepe, Achronix Semiconductor, BS CE 1991.

The meeting included discussions and demonstrations with computer engineering laboratories involved in biomedical robotics, human-computer interaction for special needs, and computer system design (VLSIDA and MASC). The board had a lively discussion of the importance of C and embedded programming in computer engineering, and gave considerable feedback on the department's continuing work in preparation for its Fall 2009 accreditation review by ABET. Finally, the board reviewed and improved its charter and made plans for future meetings.

The Department of Computer Engineering of UCSC's Jack Baskin School of Engineering programs in research and teaching emphasize interdisciplinary system design. The department is focussed on four interconnected areas of system design: Networks, including wireless, sensor, and high-speed; Robotics and Control, including biomedical robotics, autonomous vehicles, and biomolecular control; Computer System Design, including programmable devices, energy-efficient architecture, and computer-aided design; and Sensing and Interaction, including computer vision, assistive and rehabilitative technology, and human-computer interaction. The department, founded in 1984, offers B.S., M.S., and PhD degrees in Computer Engineering, a part-time M.S. program in Silicon Valley, and jointly offers a B.S. in Bioengineering. The department and its faculty collaborate extensively with other programs and industry.