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Undergraduate Hardware Lab Project

Undergraduate Hardware Lab Project
Undergraduate Hardware Lab Project
Friday, February 9, 2007

Join us in supporting our amazing students and student organizations in their effort to launch new programs to enhance their experiences in project design and creation, and prepare for their lives as engineering professionals and researchers.

There are three exciting projects that have been endorsed by Dean Kang, our department chairs and the newly formed Engineering Alumni Council (EAC)

*Undergraduate Hardware Lab*

The students at the School of Engineering (SOE) are eager to put together the first student-run hands-on hardware lab. Our motivation for putting together this hardware lab is to expand the undergraduate design community by providing a lab made for and run by the students. We are enthusiastic to present this lab to the engineering community as a place where the students interested in hardware and design learn about the necessary hardware tools involved in creating, simulating and synthesizing hardware and use them on a supervised basis. This hardware lab will encourage upperclassmen engineers to mentor and reinforce their conceptual and technical understanding through projects and allow lower classmen the opportunity to explore hardware in an extracurricular setting.

The lab space has been approved by the Dean, and these students have created a proposal that they are sending to prospective companies to possibly help generate the startup funds needed to launch the program. The Dean has agreed to allow setup and use of the lab as soon as $8,000 has been raised. The students are working towards that goal by holding periodic barbecues, soliciting individuals and approaching companies. If you would like to read more about this program, visit the website at

Make a contribution to the undergraduate hardware lab *today*!'p_desg=Engineering+Undergraduate+Hardware+Lab