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BSOE Faculty leading the pack in $1M Netflix competition

Thursday, January 11, 2007

At the time of writing, the Baskin School of Engineering currently has two top-30 entries in the Netflix Grand Prize competition.

Netflix has made their reputation by using their Cinematch technology to guess what movies people will prefer based on the ones they have already rented.

In order to make their customer service even better, however, they are willing to listen to suggestions. So willing, in fact, that they started this competition to see if anyone can improve their results by 10%. For incentive, Netflix is offering a $1 million Grand Prize as well as a $50,000 Progress Prize for every year that the contest runs.

Recently, BSOE professor Yi Zhang's team has been ranked #1 at the competition's Leaderboard (see Professor Kevin Karplus has also been ranked in the top thirty contestants.

For more information, or to enter your own idea for a chance at one of the prizes, visit