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Faculty Profile - Matthew Guthaus

Faculty Profile - Matthew Guthaus
Faculty Profile - Matthew Guthaus
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Assistant Professor Matthew Guthaus joined the Baskin School faculty in July 2006, after completing his Ph.D thesis entitled, 'Clock Tree Analysis and Synthesis Considering Process Parameters and Variability.' While doing his thesis at the University of Michigan, Matt also worked for IBM New York researching various aspects of physical design. These included: gate sizing, detailed routing congestion analysis, buffering, and physical synthesis using statistical timing.

He is currently collaborating with Professor Jose Renau to measure the effects of variability during chip manufacturing and design automation. He is also teaching a graduate VLSI digital system design class. Matt recently appeared as a speaker at the 43rd annual Design automation conference, where he spoke on the topic of 'Clock Buffer and Wire Sizing Using Sequential Programming.'

A native of Michigan, Matt has joined our campus as well as our local community, and looks forward to dusting off some 'pre-graduate school' hobbies like mountain biking and snow skiing. We're sure he'll find good company in those endeavors, as well as a very successful academic career.

For more information on Matt, please see his website at