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Student Profile - Stephanie Jones

Student Profile - Stephanie Jones
Student Profile - Stephanie Jones
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Just because it's hard doesn't mean you can't do it."

This attitude aptly sums up Stephanie Jones' attitude not only towards engineering but to life in general. From being a woman in computer science to cryptographic security to snowboarding, Stephanie seems to make a point of seeking out life's challenges - and then overcoming them.

When asked how she feels about being a woman engineer, Stephanie simply shrugs and says she doesn't mind being the only girl in most of her classes. "At least everyone always knows my name," she jokes.

To encourage others to pursue the same path, Stephanie is currently acting as president of the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, a national organization that promotes minorities in engineering.

But for Stephanie, the Baskin School's chapter of SHPE does much more than just outreach. It is also a way of supporting her fellow engineers, encouraging people to study the sciences in general by mentoring freshman and providing a place to be social. Just as she was supported by older students when she began her studies, Stephanie now gives back to new students through the SHPE.

Ms. Jones' story definitely provides inspiration to those she mentors. She will graduate this June, meaning that she has completed her Computer Science degree in four years - quite a feat, considering its highly intensive nature. She says that since her parents went to to the effort of putting her through college, she promised them that she would do her best in return to finish on time. She has also been interning at Borland Software this quarter, and plans on returning to Baskin next year to begin her Master's degree. She hopes to work with Professor Ethan Miller on cryptographic security.

When asked what she does in her free time, Stephanie just laughs. What little free time she does have is devoted to snowboarding, which only a few years ago she had never even tried. But after a day or two of bruises, she prevailed, and has been an avid snowboarder ever since.

Overall, Stephanie Jones is a dedicated and inspiring student, with a compelling personality to boot. Her passion for her work is contagious, and her determination to succeed clear. When confronted with a particularly difficult subject, she keeps at it, thinking, "I'll get it eventually." And after talking to Stephanie, one has no doubt that she is right.