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Message from the Dean

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The academic year has begun with renewed excitement about the accomplishments and challenges ahead of us. We are thrilled to have an undergraduate student body of XX, a serious group of XX graduate students, and XX new faculty members continuing the Baskin School's positive growth. I am excited to send you the first in my series of Dean's eNewsletters that I hope you will enjoy throughout the year.

This first edition of the year will give you exciting news about our recent research successes, such as finding 'key genes to the evolution of the human brain;' eminent new faculty members like Dr. Phil Berman as our new Chair of Biomolecular Engineering; and information about our newest engineering majors and programs, Computer Game Design, Technology & Information Management, and Knowledge Services and Enterprise Management.

You will also learn more about our plans to expand our second year of the Sr. Design Project Contest and how you can be involved, as well as the date for my annual Dean's Club dinner, that allows me to personally thank those of you who help support the School so generously each year.


S. M. Kang Dean