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Student Profile - Laurel DeMarco

Student Profile - Laurel DeMarco
Student Profile - Laurel DeMarco
Thursday, July 13, 2006

After meeting Laurel for the first time, one then runs into her everywhere around the Baskin School. It seems that this woman-of-all-trades is involved in everything, and is always willing and cheerful to take on even further commitments. A little about her...

Laurel just finished the third year of her Electrical Engineering major. When discussing the reasons for becoming an engineer - a field notorious for its lack of women students - she says that as cliche as it may sound, she has always wanted to become an engineer of some variety.

This passion began early on in her life. Laurel says, "Around the beginning of my first year in high school, I discovered a passion for building antique motorcycles with my father. It was my time spent with him that I would say really solidified my interest in the field."

Initially, this passion took the form of mechanical engineering. Once finding out that ME was not offered at UCSC, she "reluctantly" switched to EE. Looking back, she says that that fluke decision was perhaps the greatest decision she has ever made. She says, "I feel extremely fortunate that I decided to take up this major, because it has opened my mind to all the different potentials engineering has to offer the future."

Furthermore, Laurel is very proud of being a woman in engineering, and is currently the Vice-Chair in the UCSC campus chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

She is set to graduate in the winter of 2008, and would very much like to continue her education with graduate school here at UCSC, focusing on theory and development in the area of renewable energy technologies. Her career goal is to find and become part of a company that cares deeply for our environment, as she feels that there is an "overwhelming need to help stabilize our planet, and that my education would be best applied towards this goal."

A worthy goal, Laurel, and one you are well on your way to achieving. Keep up the great work, and we'll continue to see you around the Baskin School next year!