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A Look at BSSF 2006

A Look at BSSF 2006
A Look at BSSF 2006
Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 4th Annual Baskin Engineering Reunion and award ceremony. As part of the campus-wide Banana Slug Spring Fair, every year we invite all alumni to come join us for a reunion gathering to mingle with faculty, current students and each other.

We also take this opportunity to celebrate our alumni, students and faculty ' highlighting examples of accomplishment with a number of awards. Two alumni awards were given this year:

The Alumni Academic Achievement Award ' Dr. Yoav Freund, PhD Class of 1993, Computer Science, now an assistant professor at UC San Diego, received the Baskin School's first ever Alumni Academic Achievement Award. Yoav joined UCSD as new faculty in July, 2005, and was previously a professor at Columbia University. Yoav is an expert in machine learning and well-known for his work on boosting algorithms. He co-invented AdaBoost which has become a very important Machine Learning algorithm. The key idea in his thesis built on the on-line learning research done in Santa Cruz.

Distinguished Alumni Award ' Bala Parthasarathy, MS, Computer Engineering, Class of 1991. With several start-ups on his resume, Bala is an Internet veteran who has provided leadership to one of the era's most recognizable success stories. As CTO and Co-Founder of, Bala was and is responsible for Snapfish's advanced computer clustering architecture, which elastically serves up the huge number of stored digital images at Snapfish while also delivering advanced sharing, display and printing applications to its millions of members. Bala continues to provide leadership to Snapfish, following its acquisition by HP last year.

This year we recognized 15 students for the Amy Beth Snader Scholarships, all of whom are listed below. Thanks go to Doug Michels for presenting the awards and for his touching words about Amy Beth. Additionally, to honor founding Dean Patrick Mantey for his leadership in establishing engineering at UC Santa Cruz, the Baskin School announced the first student recipient of the Pat Mantey Leadership Award. This year's award went to Ian Dunbar-Hall, for demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities and exhibiting academic excellence.

Some of the other alumni in attendance were: Doug Michels ('73), founder of SCO and Tarantella who helped present the student awards; Ken Friedenbach ('80) and Sarah Isenberg ('82,) both early engineers at SCO; Vikram Sahai ('92), who has been at Google since 2002 as the Technical Lead for the Search Quality team; and Jochen Behrens ('97), Senior Engineer for Sun. These alumni were present along with several other representatives of various classes, including 2005!

We thank you all for joining us, and we know that this event will grow and become something that we can all look forward to every year.

Here are the Amy Beth Snader Scholarship recipients, as well as a photo gallery of the event...

Rachel Bingham - sophomore, Bioinformatics; Sandra Bonilla - sophomore, Computer Engineering; Lourdes Chang - sophomore, Engineering Technology Cluster; Khanhvi Dang - senior, Information Systems Management; Laurel Demarco - junior, Electrical Engineering; Crissan Harris - senior, Bioinformatics; Ginger Lua - freshman, Engineering Technology Cluster; Tina Nguyen - freshman, Electrical Engineering; Jing Zhang - sophomore, Electrical Engineering; Kevin Allen - senior, Electrical Engineering; Tryton Bower - sophomore, Computer Engineering; Joshua Pepper - sophomore, Bioinformatics; Scott Therien - junior, Electrical Engineering; Shawn Yost - freshman, proposed Computer Engineering;