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Faculty Profile - Yi Zhang

Faculty Profile - Yi Zhang
Faculty Profile - Yi Zhang
Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who's peaking interest from Yahoo and Google these days' One of the newest faculty members at the Baskin School, Asst. Professor Ms. Yi Zhang, that's who.

Yi, joined us in July 2005, and she has been attracting attention from big industry players, for her research in Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management, Text and Data Mining, Natural Language Processing and Applied Machine Learning. Since joining she has logged an impressive $30K from Google and $50K from Yahoo to pursue her research.

Originally from Chengdu, a traditional Chinese city, Yi was first inspired to become an engineer by her father who was an engineer and entrepreneur. 'My father had a lot of influence on my interest in engineering. I grew up in an environment without traditional gender stereotypes, and I went to a high school where female students are very proud of being an engineer or scientist', says Yi.

She later went to Tshinghua University in Beijing, before coming to the US. She studied at the Carnegie Mellon University, Language Technologies Institute, where she received her Ph.D. in 2005. She joined the Baskin School immediately following graduation.

We are pleased to have such a talented woman of engineering at the Baskin School and will be keeping a close eye on her research as it progresses.