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New UCSC biomolecular engineering department blends disciplines

Thursday, February 19, 2004

UC Santa Cruz has just launched a new Biomolecular Engineering (BME) Department within the Jack Baskin School of Engineering. The BME Department features an interdisciplinary blend of engineering, biology, and chemistry designed to foster collaboration with other departments.

Initiated with the support of the CBSE, this interdisciplinary department reflects our vision of the direction that biomedical discovery will take over the next two decades.

The BME Department will eventually have 14 full-time faculty members, starting with David Haussler, Kevin Karplus, Todd Lowe, Carol Rohl, and Joshua Stuart. David Deamer, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is currently leading the department as interim chair while the search for a regular chair is underway. Richard Hughey, professor of and chair of computer engineering, will have a joint appointment with the BME Department.