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11 Faculty Members Join The Baskin School Of Engineering In 2017-18

Monday, October 16, 2017
Karyn Skemp

The Baskin School of Engineering welcomes 11 new faculty this year, bringing the school’s total faculty count to 101. The new faculty members bring a wide range of expertise to the engineering school, enhancing already strong programs such as data science and computational genomics, and bringing new expertise in expanding areas such as robotics and power systems.

Baskin Engineering attracts faculty from schools across the U.S. and internationally. This year’s cohort of new faculty received their PhDs from institutions such as UC Berkeley, CalTech, Texas A&M University, Cambridge University and Mannheim University. The school is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year; it launched in 1996 with 25 faculty members. 

 New Faculty of the Baskin School of Engineering 2017-18:

Sara Abrahamsson
Electrical Engineering

Bioelectronics, optical systems, multifocus microscopy, diffractive Fourier optics design and nanofabrication for live 3D bioimaging

Snigdha Chaturvedi
Computer Science

Natural language processing, machine learning, text mining

Angus Forbes
Computational Media

Information visualization, computer graphics, VR/AR, HCI, applied machine learning, new media arts, creative coding

Marcella Gomez
Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Control and dynamical systems with applications to synthetic biology including modeling, analysis, and design of biological networks involved in gene regulation, metabolic engineering, spatial patterning 
Abhishek Halder
Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Dynamical systems and control theory, optimization, stochastic processes, information geometry, application to large scale cyberphysical systems and machine learning
Heiner Litz
Computer Engineering

Computer architecture, operating systems and storage with a focus on data centers


Faisal Nawab
Computer Science

Big data management, distributed cloud computing, data science, Internet of Things, wearables
Narges Norouzi
Computer Science

Statistical signal processing with applications in image processing, pattern recognition, adaptive systems
Benedict Paten
Biomolecular Engineering

Computational genomics, precision medicine, biomedical data sharing
Michael Wehner
Computer Engineering

Robotics, human-machine interaction, soft systems, wearables, rehabilitation

Yu Zhang
Electrical Engineering

Power systems, smart grids, machine learning, data analytics, optimization, operations research, data centers, transportation, wireless communications, signal processing