Industry Engagement

The Baskin School of Engineering values research collaborations and other types of partnerships with industry. We have many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local industry. We invite you to discover the various ways your industry can benefit from partnering with us!

The Corporate Sponsored Senior Project Program (CSSPP) fosters deep and valuable relationships with the Silicon Valley business community through student, faculty and corporate engagement. This is a great way for local industry to get involved with the Baskin School of Engineering and see what we have to offer.


The Center for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) facilities university-industry partnerships in the area of open source software.



The Center for Research in Storage Systems (CRSS) is a partnership between academia and industry to explore and develop new technologies and techniques to improve the manageability, scalability, security, reliability, longevity, and performance of storage systems.


The Center for Data, Discovery and Decisions (D3) develops new foundational computational and statistical research in order to support discovery and decision making from complex, heterogeneous data.


The Cyber-Physical Systems Research Center promotes collaborative research activities with academic and industrial partners. CPSRC fosters novel foundational and applied research for application such as smart cities and buildings, power grids, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and connected health.


The Network Management and Operations (NMO) Lab is a collaboration between the Baskin School of Engineering and Cisco Systems, specializing in network management and operations, and the management of technology in a high-tech environment.


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Frank P. Howley, Jr.
Senior Director of Corporate Development
UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley