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Humans of BSOE

Electrical and Computer Engineering
"It's a cliche, but go to office hours and get to know your professors. You need to do it, and it's fun, and they're cool."
Photo of Ben Sherman
Computer Science and Engineering
"For me, UC Santa Cruz is just a really easy environment to be focused in."
Computer Science and Engineering
"I love having the freedom to express myself. As a TA, that's the feedback I get from undergrads, too. Getting that practice and occasionally failing is valuable."
Photo of Ana McTaggart
Computer Science and Engineering
"My lab is 50% women and my advisors are great. I like that we're so close to Silicon Valley."
Computer Science and Engineering
"When I figured out I was interested in code machine learning, I saw that UC Santa Cruz had a large number of faculty teaching it. I looked them up on Google Scholar and saw that the department was doing a lot of important research."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Both of my parents are engineers. I grew up playing with a lot of legos and I was on the robotics club in high school and I really enjoyed it. I thought robotics engineering might be something that I would want to pursue as a career. When I heard that UC Santa Cruz had a robotics engineering program, I looked into it and it looked really interesting and here we are!"

Computer Science and Engineering

"Lately I’m really interested in my computer science theory class, Computability and Computational Complexity, and it’s just really hard and it's blowing my mind."

“I’m a Cognitive Science major with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. It’s a new and emerging field and I want to be one of the leading women in STEM and HCI, so that really interested me.”

Business Management And Economics

"Trying to find Jack’s Lounge is like ... you go through Narnia, down the woods, over to planet Pluto and across the bridge."

Computer Science and Engineering

“My major is computer science. I’m not quite sure [why I chose it], I just got into programming during high school, and I found the logic and the math to be fun, so I stuck with it.”

Electrical and Computer Engineering

“I’m a Robotics Engineering major. It’s sort of a long story as to why I chose this route. Back in fourth or fifth grade, I wanted to be a famous inventor so that I could be remembered in the future. I was bullied in middle school, so I used that to rise above it. Robotics engineering gives me a sense of purpose. I hope to be a somebody, in other words.”

Applied Mathematics

"I work with Professor Pascale Garaud. We are working on modeling (physical) clouds. It's much more complex than you would think!"