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Humans of BSOE

Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I was drawn to robotics because it’s the intersection of different types of engineering all coming together so you get a splash of flavor from different worlds that prepare you to go into many different aspects of engineering."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I get to work with UCSC astronomers who pursue knowledge about the stars purely for knowledge and I feel like that is so noble. It’s awesome that I get to have a project with a similar philosophical framework.”
Alexandra Stambaugh
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I decided I wanted to work with optofluidics. My principal investigator, Holger Schmidt, wrote the handbook on optofluidics, so I thought, 'I should go work for him.”
Jordan Liss
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"People in the Baskin School of Engineering are willing to collaborate and talk about their projects and be open about the things they’re doing."
Emmanuel Kayede
Electrical and Computer Engineering

“Within BSOE there are many outlets for getting yourself established and that’s a really great thing about UC Santa Cruz. You can always find a place you can consider your home.”
Computer Science and Engineering

"I’m working on this human trafficking project. The broad question was whether environmental events affect human traffickers. We found an increase in mentions of certain ethnicities after hurricanes in these ads, especially ethnicities from Caribbean countries."
Electrical Engineering

"The most important thing a student needs to learn in their education is not to memorize this or that formula, or do certain calculations at this speed, but really to develop an intuitive understanding and knowledge of what they are learning about."
Computer Science and Engineering

"When we got the opportunity to start Engineers Without Borders, it really touched my heart that we could help this community in Cameroon, and especially help with young people’s education. That’s something really important."
Riadul Islam
Computer Engineering

"If you look at the power consumption of the microprocessor or the CPU, a big chunk of power comes in by the clock network so I proposed a new paradigm of clocking that utilizes current rather than voltage."
Dan Spencer

"I study functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. They’re basically brain scans that are done while people are doing something. We’re trying to figure out what parts of the brains are being used for different things."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I want to work in integrating robotics into the emergency response system so if a hurricane hits, or something like that, the first responders would be helped out by a variety of robotic tools that they could use."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

“It’s important for a college to support engineering organizations and provide students the free time to be involved with them. There’s a good balance of academic and non-academic activities here.”
Computer Science and Engineering

"Maybe you need to vent about something that’s happening or need questions answered. When this happens, it’s nice to know someone’s there."
Computer Science and Engineering

"Throughout my time as a graduate student here, I was very fortunate to be able to research with faculty members who are globally known for their work. "
Computer Science and Engineering

"UC Santa Cruz has a good core set of professors working in data science and machine learning. There’s a broad spread of research interests among professors within the department."
Biomolecular Engineering

"There’s so much more to becoming a well-rounded student and person than remaining on your major track alone, and UCSC recognizes that."
Computer Science and Engineering

"When you are learning a new field, your brain feels totally restructured, as if a whole new world has been revealed to you."
Computer Science and Engineering

"Teaching here has given me confidence and motivation. When I read evaluations from satisfied students, it makes me think this is what I want to do."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"There’s a lot of opportunity for collaboration here, but a lot of it is only possible if you put yourself out there."
Computer Science and Engineering

"Calculating the trajectory of a rocket is cool, but can your computer carry on a conversation without someone noticing it's a computer (to pass the Turing Test)?"
Md. Mahmudur Rahman
Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Once we know the way to approach big issues, we can begin solving them."
Computer Science (1985)
"The universal thing that students need to know going into industry is how companies really operate."
Computer Science and Engineering
"To me, everybody, I mean everybody, should have a programming class. It’s important today to be able to talk with people who make these programs."
Computational Media
"In the gaming industry, users in fact expect that you will surprise them with what you create. But if you’re using Windows, you don’t want to be surprised by something like a blue screen."