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Humans of BSOE

Technology and Information Management

If I have any advice that I would give to incoming students about starting something, I would say just start going to a club meeting. Find a community or an organization that you enjoy, that you are passionate about, and just start being a presence.
MESA Engineering

I spend a lot of time encouraging and acknowledging their natural brilliance and their right to be here. That’s something I really love to do for our students. It’s important, particularly for engineers, for those in what we call the hard sciences there’s not a lot of warm fuzzies floating around, not a lot of the human touch and as humans we are starved for that.
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Everyone should study engineering. It opens up so many opportunities. Once you learn the basics of, not just how our world works, but how to make things, nothing is beyond your capabilities anymore and I absolutely love that.
Computer Science and Engineering

I’m doing both computer science and the game design major because they’re both computer science degrees, so there’s a lot of overlap but there are significant differences. I get a lot more practical experience that I can apply toward industry with game design, but because of the academic focus of computer science degree I also get that foresight on technology and where I should be applying my insight. I feel like a much more well-rounded person doing that.
Sarah Mitchell, '19 graduated with a BS in electrical engineering and mathematics
Electrical Engineering

I joined the Applied Optics Lab under Professor Holger Schmidt. There I worked with grad students on microfluidic distributed feedback lasers. These are basically lasers made of microscopic channels of liquid, with corrugated walls. My role was to increase the accuracy of our theoretical expectations for how the laser chips behave in the lab.
Computer Science and Engineering

I work with the Internetworking Research Lab. I’m proposing a protocol that will make devices that run on batteries last longer by making more efficient transmissions. That’s going to be huge in the future because everything’s going to be transmitting information and data is everywhere and we need it and want it, but batteries are a big constraint right now.
Computer Engineering

I’m a co-lead of the SlugSat micro-satellite project on campus. Our goal is to launch a small satellite that’s roughly the size of a loaf of bread into lower earth orbit carrying a science experiment from the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics and a linear transponder radio built by students within the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.
Kateryna Voitiuk
Computer Science and Engineering

Being a computer engineer you can have a lot of choices, whether it’s directly related to computers and making them better and programming applications that do necessary things or whether it’s doing biology, chemistry, physics.
Electrical and Computer Engineering

My interest in engineering kind of came from the mechanical side of things. I was a construction worker and really liked the mechanical aspect. Studying robotics has really given me a chance to learn 3D modeling and 3D printing, and to interface that and actually be able to make something move has been extremely rewarding.
Biomolecular Engineering

I study different animal species both living and extinct by analyzing their genomes. One project, specifically, is studying the genomic health of puma populations.
Computer Science and Engineering

I’m working on large archival storage systems—things like capturing scientific data which you’re going to store for a long time and slowly process it and how to make them cheaper, more reliable, more energy efficient. Currently a lot of scientific institutes capture a lot of data and they slowly go through it, step by step.
Computer Science

My research work is on something that I’m defining as casual creators, which is a genre of creativity software that nobody has identified yet but a lot of examples of these exist. It turns out there’s this entire other genre of software that’s for casual creators, people who are using this thing autotelically, which means for its own purpose.
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I’m working on a multifocus microscope that is able to capture 3D images. With most conventional microscopy techniques you can look at the image of only one plane at the same time and you have to move your sample and scan through that sample. But in this case we get all the information at once."
Biomolecular Engineering

I work with a method called EVIP, which stands for expression-based variant-impact phenotyping, and basically what that means is we use expression data, like RNA-Seq, to predict the function of different mutations that happen in cancer.
Yegeta Zeleke
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"The great thing about Baskin School of Engineering is the fact that it provide great mentorship and easy transition to graduate programs."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"I like that there’s a sense of community here. I also like that it’s very interdisciplinary. Collaborating with biologists keeps me on my toes because I have to learn biology and all these other things."
Applied Mathematics

"I’m mentoring an undergrad right now and what I realized over the course of working with him is the importance of giving students support. My professors and older grad students always gave me that support so it feels good for me to pay that forward."
Biomolecular Engineering

"I study genetic ancestry in drosophila, AKA the fruit fly. The goal of this research is mainly to understand how we can incorporate diverse populations into our study."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"What I like about the Baskin School of Engineering is the research being done in AI and machine learning and the collaboration happening between departments so they can help build off of each other in ways that they weren’t intuitively familiar with."
Raquel Barata

"The professors have this work hard/play hard attitude, which sounds cliche, but not a lot of other statistics departments prioritize balance the way our professors do. And that’s what sold me on coming here."
Biomolecular Engineering

"Nanopore sequencing was developed here at UC Santa Cruz. They’re one of the big leaders in using this technology. I saw a really interesting opportunity to apply those types of technologies to my research."
Gunjan Sinha
Computer Engineering (1991)

"I see myself as a problem solver, and this I owe to my engineering background, because I’m constantly defining a problem, then breaking it down into smaller and smaller pieces until I can solve it with technology.”
Francisco Beltran
Applied Mathematics and Statistics (2014)

"The skills and lessons I learned at UC Santa Cruz have largely influenced the manner in which I approach my current research on a daily basis. The high standards for rigorous statistical analysis have carried forth into all aspects of my work."
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Since I was a kid I was interested in computers and really wanted to know how they work from the inside out. The curiosity is what led me to engineering.