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Shiloh Sacks: Undergraduate

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Program: 
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
Los Angeles

What are you studying?

Sustainable transportation, specifically electric power and better ways to make it, preferably through solar energy or sustainable engineering.

How have you liked UC Santa Cruz?

I really like the natural environment. It provides a nice juxtaposition to the stress of college and the dynamic of being on the quarter system and learning a large amount in a short amount of time. Santa Cruz is very different from where I grew up in Los Angeles and I like it even though it is kind of a small town. I’m excited to see Professor Rolandi as the new chair of Electrical Engineering because he’s awesome and I respect his approach to academia and how he’s handling things so far.

What are your plans for summer and beyond?

I’ll be interning at Joby Aviation right here in Santa Cruz County. They employ quite a few UC Santa Cruz students. They’re making a sort of electric airplane taxi. They’re really cool, though a little elusive as far as startups go. I’m technically a software engineering intern but I’m doing documentation, certifying their software with the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), which includes writing a ton of documentation, making sure their code fits with the FAA guidelines and working with the FAA. I eventually want to work in sustainable engineering. I’m a good writer so I also think technical writing might be a good niche for me.

What do you like to do for fun outside of school?

I do a ton of stuff outside of school, but it’s all academics-related. I’m lead member of Formula Slug and will be vice president next year. I was founding vice president for Engineers Without Borders and am currently logistics lead. I think it’s important for a college to support engineering organizations like these and provide students the free time to be involved with them.

If I had time, I’d take advantage of the fun, non-academic things this school offers like sailing classes and other physical activities. There’s a good balance here of academic and non-academic activities. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and nature. I love reading and going to museums.