Sarah Douglas

What’s your major? What about your major interests you? 

“I’m a Business Management Economics major. At UC Santa Cruz, we have a good economics program, so I guess that’s why I chose Econ. I do like business and business management.”

What’s a special anecdote you have about BSOE?

“Probably trying to find Jack’s Lounge. That’s like a hole in the wall, and I’m bad with directions. I have to turn in my homework to Jack’s Lounge. I’m taking a computer science class here, and my professor’s like, if you go through Narnia, down the woods, over to planet Pluto, across the bridge, it’ll be right there--it’ll be very easy. It wasn’t. I mean, now that I found it, it is easy, but his directions were awful! I walked around the building like five times. I even asked people, and they’re like, ‘Question mark? Jack’s Lounge?’ But now I know where it is! Whenever people ask me where Jack’s Lounge is, I’m like, ‘Yeah! I can help you, I got you!’”

If you could be an animal on campus, what would it be?

“Probably a raccoon. I think they’re disgusting, grimy, nasty things, but they scavenge like nobody’s business. They’re hustlers! I could scare people, and do my own thing. People don’t bother the raccoons. People come and pet the deer, but no one bothers the raccoons. People leave me alone, I get fed, I do my own thing in the forest.”

Business Management And Economics