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Julia Moffitt

What is your major?

I’m a computer science major.

What about your major interests you the most?

Lately I’m really interested in my computer science theory class, Computability and Computational Complexity, and it’s just really hard and it's blowing my mind. But also, I’m working on operating systems, which is kinda’ different than the app development and web development that a lot of people are interested in. It's like just a different school of programming, I guess is the best way to describe it, and I think just the type of problem solving you use in approaching computer science problems in general really jives with me. I used to be a linguistics major and, you know, it's one of the more “sciency” humanities majors, in general. Something just wasn’t happening for me and I think if I was in any other major, I wouldn’t enjoy the problem solving that we do.

What's your favorite class that you’ve taken at BSOE?

I think discrete math was my favorite class; it’s CE 16. I did really poorly in it at first because I was also taking Syntax 1 and Linguistics at the same time. But, it’s really cool! And any other class you have after that, the teachers will give a review of discrete math. Even in Semantics we did some discrete math concepts. So I just think it's really interesting. There’s a book called “Innumeracy” which talks about the problems and compares being illiterate to being innumerate. So these people hear these outrageous statistics that mean nothing when you think about them. But if you were numerate instead of innumerate, you would be able to think critically about them more. It's a lot of discrete math and counting and stuff in that book, which I think is very important.

How do you feel about finals? How are you preparing?

Actually I have my last midterm on Friday, so I’m still in midterms (laughs). A lot of my classes weigh more on projects than they do on the exams. So I think I’m really just keeping my head down, going to class, taking notes. I haven’t really started the review process yet, cause I’m still in midterms! I’m just keeping going and trying to paying attention to how my teacher, especially in my operating systems class, kinda hints at what is important in the class.

What are your goals for the future in computer science?

I’m actually graduating in the spring. At this point, I just want to get a job or a paid internship. That would be great because making money is important to live and stuff. But after that, I’m really considering something more. I thought I was done with school. I’ve been in school for almost 16 years, but I really think that after a while I want to go back to grad school and do some stuff with operating systems or systems software. My operating systems professor is just so into what he does, that it's amazing! I really feel like I’ve found something there.  

Computer Science and Engineering
Degree Program: 
Bachelor's of Science, Computer Science