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Jeremy Crowley: Undergraduate

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Program: 
Bachelor of Science, Robotics
Petaluma, CA
Ricardo Sanfelice

Tell us about your research

I work in the hybrid systems lab and my research focuses on obstacle avoidance for aerial vehicles in the presence of dynamic obstacles. Essentially, we’re working on a novel method to guarantee avoiding a collision in certain difficult scenarios and environments.

What brought you to UC Santa Cruz?

They have a very special robotics program here. It’s very interdisciplinary and that’s what I like about it. Also, being close to home was a great thing, and it’s close to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. That was a huge thing for me because I want to end up living in the Bay Area.

What do you want to do for a living?

I want to go into the field of medical supply delivery and emergency response. I want to work in integrating robotics into the emergency response system so if a hurricane hits, or something like that, the first responders would be helped out by a variety of robotic tools that they could use. My other interest is medical supply delivery in third world countries where it’s hard to access certain areas. There are already a few companies doing this. Essentially, they strap blood or other medical supplies, or food or water to an unmanned aerial vehicle and fly it to the nearest small village that they couldn’t get to with a car. It’s a new field with a lot of potential.


First of all, I’d say that UC Santa Cruz has a really interesting academic environment. They recognize you as an individual person and that there’s a lot more to school than just getting good grades. There’s the active and social parts of life that are, in my opinion, just as important. The second reason is the proximity to Silicon Valley and the Bay Area where there’s a technological boom happening, especially in robotics-related fields.

What do you like to do for fun?

My two main de-stressors are playing soccer and rock climbing. They both put me out of the school headspace which is really nice. It’s great to focus on something other than school for two hours.