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Daniel Hunter

What's your major?

Robotics Engineering

What inspired you to choose this major?

Both of my parents are engineers. I grew up playing with a lot of legos and I was on the robotics club in high school and I really enjoyed it. I thought it might be something that I wanted to pursue as a career. When I heard that Santa Cruz had a robotics engineering program, I looked into it and it looked really interesting and here we are.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

In the future, I hope to work in the field of robotics and automation, obviously. I’m really interested in unmanned autonomous vehicles and the career possibilities there. I’m also really interested in self-driving cars, as they are a really big thing right now. Basically I want to be Elon Musk in 20 years, so stick around.

Are you working on any labs right now on campus?

I don’t do anything on campus but I am working for a start up right now as a software developer and then I have a couple different offers for this summer that I am looking into.

What's your favorite class that you have taken at BSOE?

I took mechatronics last quarter. It was a blast. I’ve loved it more than anything else I’ve ever done. I really appreciated the ability to get hands on with robotics and actually be able to build a robot and code it. It was really, really intensive. I recorded my time spent; it was about 70 hours a week in lab, all quarter. It showed me that this is definitely the thing I want to do because even when it was really hard and really frustrating and long hours, I still was having a great time.

If you could be any animal on campus, what would you be?

A banana slug, obviously. That's the mascot and I have to be patriotic. No, I’m kidding. I would probably be the Stevenson turkey because he’s pretty cool.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Program: 
Bachelor's of Science, Robotics