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Ankit Gupta

Where were you born?

Ahmedabad, India

Where did you get your undergraduate degree?

Nirma University

What is your research?

I’m studying machine learning around data centers to make sure systems don’t fail when there’s a surge in the data requirements.

What made you choose UC Santa Cruz?

All the faculty at Baskin School of Engineering are top notch. When I figured out I was interested in code machine learning, I saw that UC Santa Cruz had a large number of faculty teaching it. I looked them up on Google Scholar and saw that the department was doing a lot of important research. Then I saw the redwoods and the mountains in Santa Cruz, and I had to come here.

What’s your favorite study spot on campus?

There’s a greenhouse-like area on the terrace of Thimann Labs. I like to study there.

What’s one of your favorite classes you’ve taken at UC Santa Cruz?

An internship at the Farm. I dream about being a farmer someday.

Computer Science and Engineering