Andy Wong

What’s your major? What about your major interests you?

“I’m a Robotics Engineering major. It’s sort of a long story as to why I chose this route. Back in fourth or fifth grade, I wanted to be a famous inventor so that I could be remembered in the future. I was bullied in middle school, so I used that to rise above it. Robotics engineering gives me a sense of purpose. I hope to be a somebody, in other words.”

What’s your favorite BSOE class that you’ve taken so far?

“I can’t think of any right now, but Mechatronics is a class that I’m most interested in taking soon. I’ve heard the workload is a lot… RIP.”

What do you hope to study/do in the future?

“I plan to start my own company. Because there’s no undergrad minor for entrepreneurship, so I’m planning on taking some entrepreneurship classes in the future.”


Robotics Engineering