Humans of the BSOE

  • Robotics Engineering

    "Both of my parents are engineers. I grew up playing with a lot of legos and I was on the robotics club in high school and I really enjoyed it. I thought robotics engineering might be something that I would want to pursue as a career. When I heard that UC Santa Cruz had a robotics engineering program, I looked into it and it looked really interesting and here we are!"

  • Computer Science

    "Lately I’m really interested in my computer science theory class, Computability and Computational Complexity, and it’s just really hard and it's blowing my mind."

  • “I’m a Cognitive Science major with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. It’s a new and emerging field and I want to be one of the leading women in STEM and HCI, so that really interested me.”

  • Business Management And Economics

    "Trying to find Jack’s Lounge is like ... you go through Narnia, down the woods, over to planet Pluto and across the bridge."

  • Computer Science

    “My major is computer science. I’m not quite sure [why I chose it], I just got into programming during high school, and I found the logic and the math to be fun, so I stuck with it.”

  • Robotics Engineering

    “I’m a Robotics Engineering major. It’s sort of a long story as to why I chose this route. Back in fourth or fifth grade, I wanted to be a famous inventor so that I could be remembered in the future. I was bullied in middle school, so I used that to rise above it. Robotics engineering gives me a sense of purpose. I hope to be a somebody, in other words.”

  • Applied Mathematics And Statistics

    "I work with Professor Pascale Garaud. We are working on modeling (physical) clouds. It's much more complex than you would think!"