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Humans of BSOE

Gabriel Intriago
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Currently, I’m working on discriminating cyber attacks from typical perturbations. I’m using machine learning for data streams to classify power systems events and disturbances in real time."
Zia Isola and a few of her RMI students

"So many of our students have the challenge of being the first in their family to go to college, the first to consider graduate school, or of being the first to be in a STEM field. It’s intimidating to leave what is familiar and step into new territory. They embrace that challenge with such heart, commitment, determination, and passion. It’s completely inspiring."
Andrea Peeters
Undergraduate Advising

"My two favorite days of the year are the first day of the academic year and commencement. To see students walk across the stage with the world at their fingertips is just rad!"
Meghna Banerjee
Computer Science and Engineering

"I’m really grateful for all the resources I had at Baskin Engineering and the faculty who helped me along the way."
Zehang "Richard" Li

"A big part of my research deals with how I can use statistics to solve global and public health problems."
Preet Kaur
Biomolecular Engineering

"Some of my closest friends are from bioengineering and bioinformatics. Seeing my friends succeed and being a part of that success is something I’m really proud of."
Bryan Tor
Computer Science and Engineering

"What I am working on now focuses on natural language processing—how natural language machine learning products work, how they fail, and how we can build more robust systems that are resilient to unfair biases."
Krishna Kumar Pandian
Computer Science and Engineering

"Research has given me a lot of academic and industry knowledge. I feel more prepared to take on real-world challenges."
Keerthi Krishnan
Computer Science and Engineering

"Baskin [Engineering] gave me that forefront of knowledge that allowed me to excel in my graduate career."
Marcela Alfaro-Córdoba

"It’s exciting to introduce the topic of statistics to people that have no prior knowledge or experience with the field. My goal is to motivate students to keep learning about the field of statistics."
Akhil Dixit
Computer Science and Engineering

"One highlight from the research I’ve done in my Ph.D. program is winning the ACM SIGMOD Student Research Competition in Amsterdam in 2019. It was a very exciting moment for me."
Tyler Sano
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Getting that first lead-author paper was a big step in my research career. It reassured me that my ideas are valid, and I’m making notable contributions to the field of engineering."
Lehua Sparrow
Computer Science & Engineering

"I was always good at math and science growing up. I found comfort knowing that there is a solution in numbers, formulas, or algorithms."
Jessica Xie
Computer Science and Engineering

"The TIM degree program encompassed everything that I was interested in because you get to learn about computer engineering, computer science, and business and information systems."
Manping Jia
Electrical and Computer Engineering

"My dream job would be one where I could develop wearable bioelectronic devices for health monitoring."
Robert Lund
Professor and Department Chair, Statistics

"What I do as a statistician is crunch the numbers. We take data, compare it to what a climatologist’s model predicts, and give them our conclusions and how sure we are of those conclusions."
Ikenna Anigbogu
Biomolecular Engineering

"Bioengineering really exposed me to the humanitarian side of science, which is something I have always wanted to be involved in."
Photo of Alexey Munishkin, a young man with brown hair and blue eyes, standing in a hallway.
Computer Engineering

"I would have never thought I would get an internship at NASA! It’s great... I focus on helping to develop the next level of air transportation in the U.S. and other parts of the world through NASA partnerships. If you heard of the concept of an “Air Taxi” then that sums it up."
Photo of NLP grad student Nilay Patel
Computer Science and Engineering

"[NLP is] a new enough field that there are cool things for students and researchers to get involved with. A degree in NLP will help me focus on what I want to do."
Electrical Engineering

"I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities at BSOE. It’s been really amazing. I was able to join a bioelectronics lab my sophomore year, and I’m still working in that lab."
Natural Language Processing

"I grew up with computers, so choosing to go in that direction was pretty easy. But after spending two years in Japan I realized I love languages too and wanted to see if there was an overlap between linguistics and computer science. After doing some research I found natural language processing (NLP) and realized it was something I wanted to do."
Biomolecular Engineering

"Getting into the lab was probably the best time out of my whole UCSC career... I felt like everything that I learned in class was finally playing out and I could learn things more hands-on."
Electrical Engineering

"[Being in the Army] definitely was an experience that opened my eyes to a lot of different opportunities and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else, I would say. In addition to that, finishing my time there, I was able to go back to UC Santa Cruz, to finish something that I had wanted to do."
NLP M.S. student Angela Ramirez
Natural Language Processing

"We’re getting real experts who work in the industry to show us how they use the technology and what they do with it. Getting that perspective is really cool."