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ECE Seminar Series: Exploring Power System Supply Resilience

Speaker Name: 
Robin Broder Hytowitz
Speaker Title: 
Sr Project Engineer in Grid Operations and Planning
Speaker Organization: 
Electric Power Research Institute
Start Time: 
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 10:40am
End Time: 
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 11:45am
Via Zoom Presentation
Asst. Prof. Shiva Abbaszadeh


Resilience is a fundamental and important subject in the power industry with numerous viewpoints and definitions. A significant challenge is to fit existing definitions used by other industries into metric definitions, performance targets, and calculation steps that are practical and implementable for an electric power system, so that entities responsible for planning and operating the electric power system may improve. This presentation will consider one aspect of power system resilience, the availability and supply of power, energy, and a set of power-supply-related reliability services, and how it relates to other forms of resilience. We will discuss the definition of high impact low frequency events and explore gaps and research needs that arise in four practice areas: planning, operations, restoration, and market design. The presentation will be based on an EPRI white paper, product ID 3002014963.


Robin Broder Hytowitz is a senior project engineer in Grid Operations and Planning at the Electric Power Research Institute. At EPRI, she focuses on wholesale market design and operations, supply resilience, and renewable integration. Prior to joining EPRI, she completed a PhD at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. During her studies, she worked part-time in the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Robin received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ and a bachelor’s degree from Barnard College, Columbia University in New York, NY. After receiving her master’s degree, she served as a Fulbright Fellow studying wind power integration at the Technical University of Denmark.

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