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Defense: Ultrafast Spin Dynamics of Next-Generation Nanomagnetic Technologies

Speaker Name: 
Mike Jaris
Speaker Title: 
Ph.D. Candidate
Start Time: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 9:00am
Engineering 2, Room 475


Nanostructured magnetic devices have been identified for their potential role in applications such as data storage, microwave nano-oscillators, and ultra-low power logic. In nanomagnetic technologies, the operation characteristics are intrinsically linked with to the dynamic magnetic properties of the system. Thus, in order to realize these technologies, the ultrafast spin dynamics of nanostructures must be studied to enrich our understanding of these systems, which, in turn, informs the rational design of devices. Using ultrafast magneto-optic spectroscopy, I will present my work over the past 6 years studying novel spintronic technologies (e.g. spin transfer-torque magnetic-RAM) and dynamic nano-magneto-elastic systems. By comparing the experimentally observed behavior to theoretical predictions and numerical calculations, we can estimate key magnetic parameters and identify the microscopic processes that govern the dynamic response.

Event Type: 
Professor Holger Schmidt
Graduate Program: 
Electrical Engineering Ph.D.