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CPSRC Seminar: Network Monitoring of Industrial Control Systems: The Lessons of Security Matters.

Speaker Name: 
Sandro Etalle
Speaker Title: 
Head of the Security group at the TU Eindhoven
Speaker Organization: 
TU Eindhoven.
Start Time: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 11:00am
End Time: 
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 12:00pm
Alvaro Cardenas


Established in 2009 in the Netherlands as a University spin-off
by a Professor and two PhD students, SecurityMatters was acquired in 2018
by the American ForeScout Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:FCST). SecurityMatters
pioneered a new way of realizing network monitoring for cybersecurity that
proved very successful in the Critical Infrastructure domain (Oil and Gas,
Power Generation, Energy Distribution etc.). Besides a success story,
SecurityMatters has also represented an enormous learning experience,
benchmarking different approaches against reality. In this lecture, one of
the founders of SecurityMatters will give his unsweetened  opinion
regarding what works and what does not work, when it comes to network


Sandro Etalle is an entrepreneur and a full professor and head of the
Security group at the TU Eindhoven. He earned his PhD at the University of
Amsterdam (1995). Before switching to the academic career he was co-founder
of two Italian technology companies: TecLogic and ICON ( In
2009, Etalle founded SecurityMatters ( together with PhD
students D. Bolzoni and E. Zambon.  At SecurityMatters, Etalle served as
CEO for over 4 years and as Chairman of the Board until the exit.
SecurityMatters factually changed the way of monitoring Industrial Systems
and maintaining a leadership position in its segment. At the TU Eindhoven,
Etalle leads the TU/e Security and Embedded Networked Systems section,
counting over 40 employees, and the Security group, which is part of it.
Beyond the TU/e, Etalle is a Visiting Professor at the University of Trento
and Lecturer at the Bologna Business School.

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