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Advancement: Virtual Learning Machines: Useful Intelligent Tutoring Within Immersive Learning Environments

Speaker Name: 
Bradley Thompson
Speaker Title: 
Ph.D. Student
Start Time: 
Friday, December 6, 2019 - 1:00pm
Baskin Engineering Building, Room 318


A design framework for implementing evidence based principles of learning and memory within a Virtual Learning Space (VLS), using intelligent tutoring systems (ITS), is being created for use by software developers and expert evaluators. Applications developed using this framework represent a new domain: "Learning Machines'" (LM). The utility of an LM lies in its ability to accelerate learning outcomes, and its usability serves the secondary function of enhancing that utility. Together these make up its usefulness. The principle objective of this research is to articulate what makes for usefulness in the LM domain, and formulate it in a framework for application development and evaluation. The set of evaluation heuristics is being constructed according to the Procedural Methodology for Heuristics of Usability (Jimenez, et al.), and are expected to facilitate improvement of learning applications as this new domain gains i! n adoption. The framework as a whole is anticipated to enhance training and education outcomes for future students and practitioners alike. It will be validated against a LM being developed for teaching the internet protocol to undergraduate computer engineering students while promoting optimal learning trajectories.

Event Type: 
Professor Patrick Mantey
Graduate Program: 
Computer Engineering Ph.D.