Advancement: Building Deformable Robotics for Repetitive Behavior Observation and Intervention Structuring

Speaker Name: 
Peter Cottrell
Speaker Title: 
PhD Student (Advisor: Sri Kurniawan)
Speaker Organization: 
Computational Media
Start Time: 
Friday, August 24, 2018 - 10:00am
End Time: 
Friday, August 24, 2018 - 11:00am
Engineering 2, Room 475
Sri Kurniawan

Abstract: This research focuses on the development of deformable controllers that can play a role in assisting in self-regulation, aid in at-home stroke recovery, and potentially also serve as a vehicle for emotional communication. I have created a core hardware/software device which makes use of electronic textiles and touch trace tracking, which has already been deployed in research concerning helping children to self-regulate (a core skill in social emotional learning curricula). For this initial deployment, the device is embedded in an anthropomorphic deformable, in the tradition of Socially Assistive Robotics. A first full paper from this work will be presented at ACM CSCW in Fall 2018, with formative materials research already presented at TEI 2018. In addition, a second format of this device (a fidget ball prototype), is to be deployed as an intervention to aid people with ADHD in focusing, and in self-monitoring fidget behavior toward optim! al self regulation. I expect to collect pilot data with this device in the fall. The fidget ball device has also been used in a pilot of research exploring whether machine learning can be used to express emotion as an output of touch traces (submitted to TEI 2019 and under consideration). Finally, I am in the early stage of development of a system targeted to help at-home recovery of hand and arm capabilities in stroke rehabilitation. In all of these use cases, the device extends research insights into the benefits of deformable controllers that leverage repetitive interactions (fidgeting, repetitions of physical therapy exercises) to provide practical and expressive value to end users.