EE 290 Graduate Seminar: SLA-Aware Service Orchestration in Mobile Cloud Computing

Picture of Dr. Reza Rahimi
Picture of Dr. Reza Rahimi
Speaker Name: 
Dr. Reza Rahimi
Speaker Title: 
Principal Staff Software Architect
Speaker Organization: 
Huawei US R&D Storage Lab
Start Time: 
Monday, January 22, 2018 - 10:40am
End Time: 
Monday, January 22, 2018 - 11:40am
Assistant Professor Yu Zhang

Abstract: The past two decades of explosive growth in wireless networking, mobile computing and web technologies has profoundly influenced society at large. Almost anyone with access to a mobile device has access to services on the Internet and has reaped the benefits of instant accessibility to Internet-enabled technologies such as social networks, media streaming applications, instant messaging, etc. In this talk I synergistically exploit one of most important problem on how to guarantee service level Agreement (SLA) for users in mobile cloud computing ecosystem. While mobile computing empowers users with anywhere, anytime access to the Internet, cloud computing harnesses the vast storage, computing, and software infrastructure resources of large organizations into a single virtualized infrastructure within reach of the general population. I will argue that a tiered-cloud approach that synergistically exploits local and public clouds to achieve application SLA and scalability is a well suited architecture for the mobile cloud computing paradigm for SLA guarantee. 

Bio: Reza Rahimi is a principal algorithm and software architect in Huawei US R&D storage lab and IEEE senior member. He got his PhD in computer science from UC Irvine. He is leading R&D projects on smart data centers and analytics in Huawei R&D center in Santa Clara. Before that he was leading smart home connectivity and software-defined wireless networking projects in Samsung Research America (SRA) in Mountain View. Reza published about 20 highly cited books, peer reviewed top tier journals and conference papers in the area of mobile cloud computing and large scale system optimization. He has received the outstanding researcher award from Sharif University electronic research center, and the best poster and NSF student scholar awards from IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2011. He is serving as a committee member and reviewer of several international computer science and engineering conferences and journals.