Note: We are currently working on reshaping our departments. One of these changes has been to establish two distinct departments from the former Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department. Please pardon our dust as web pages are brought up to date.

  • Graduate programs:

            • Statistical Science Ph.D./M.S.
              There will be no more admissions to the Statistics track of the Statistics and Applied Mathematics (SAM) program. The Statistical Science program is the option at UCSC for graduate studies in Statistics at either the MS or PhD level.


              For more information, please contact the Graduate Director Athanasios Kottas (
            • Designated Emphasis in Statistics

              Students from another degree program who meet the following requirements can have the designated emphasis of "statistics" annotated to their degree title. For example, a Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering who meets the requirements would get a certification that read "Ph.D. Electrical Engineering with an Emphasis in Statistics". The course requirements are:

              Designated Emphasis in Statistics
              AMS 203
              AMS 206 (or AMS 206B)
              AMS 207

              and one other statistics course from a list of approved courses in AMS (currently 202, 205B, 221, 223, 225, 241, 245, 256, 261, 263, 268, 274 and 291 although others will be added in the future).

              Upon electing to pursue a designated emphasis (DE) in Statistics, students must choose a DE faculty adviser in the AMS Department. A list of eligible DE advisers is maintained online. The student must organize a preliminary meeting with the DE adviser, and agree on a plan for completion of the requirements. Once this plan has been designated, the student and the DE adviser must complete the Application for a Designated Emphasis in Statistics form. The completed application form should be signed by the student's home department adviser, the DE adviser, and the Statistics Graduate Director, and then filed with the BSOE Graduate Advising Office ( This should be done before the student's advancement to candidacy (for Ph.D. students).