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Apr 15

Repeated Gaussian Processes for Modeling Atmospheric Profiles

Dr. Cliff Bergman

Abstract: Radiosondes collect data on various atmospheric parameters atmultiple irregular heights to provide information about the atmosphericcurrent profile. Often, binning of the data is used to build a statisticalmodel of the data. As an alternative, we propose treating each record as asingle... Read More

Apr 8

Joint ECE and CPSRC Seminar: Safety-Critical Control of Dynamic Robotic Systems

Aaron Ames
Professor of Mechanical and Civil Engineering and Control and Dynamical Systems

Abstract: Science fiction has long promised a world of robotic possibilities: from humanoid robots in the home, to wearable robotic devices that restore and augment human capabilities, to swarms of autonomous robotic systems forming the backbone of the cities of the future, to robots enabling... Read More

Apr 5

CPSRC Seminar: Internet privacy: Towards more transparency

Balachander Krishnamurthy
Lead Inventive Scientist

Abstract Internet privacy became a hot topic with the radical growth of Online Social Networks (OSN) and attendant publicity about various leakages.  For several years, we examined aggregation of user’s information by a steadily decreasing number of entities as unrelated websites are browsed... Read More