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Nov 6

Advising Workshop: Exploring the STAT 4+1 Pathway Program

Theo-Alyce Gordon
Graduate Student Advisor

For undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics, Astrophysics, Technology Management or the Joint Economics-Mathematics Degree: The Statistical Science 4+1 Pathway Program enables motivated UCSC students to complete BOTH a Bachelor of... Read More

Nov 4

Statistics Seminar Series: Spatial Statistics Methods for the Analysis of XANES Stacks Data

Amanda Muyskens
Postdoctoral Researcher

Abstract: Arsenic in drinking water, even in trace amounts, can be extremely harmful to human health with prolonged exposure. In many parts of the world where there is not access to filtered, clean drinking water, arsenic poisoning is an extreme danger. It is well known how arsenic should bind in... Read More

Oct 7

Statistics Seminar Series

Jiangeng Huang
Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics

Title: On-site surrogates for large-scale calibration Abstract:  Motivated by a computer model calibration problem from the oil and gas industry, involving the design of a honeycomb seal, we develop a new Bayesian methodology to cope with limitations in the canonical apparatus... Read More