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Jan 27

Statistics Recruitment Seminar: "Methods for Population Health with Limited Data"

Zehang (Richard) Li
Postdoctoral Associate

Abstract: Data describing health outcomes of hidden populations and in low-resource areas are usually noisy and incomplete. In this talk, I will discuss two projects in such data-constrained settings. In the first project, I propose probabilistic approaches to estimating cause of death... Read More

Jan 24

Quantifying Uncertainty in Complex Systems with Applications to Brain Connectomics

Claire Donnat
Ph.D. Candidate

Abstract:  From social networks to neurosciences, graphs have rapidly become ubiquitous by offering a versatile modeling framework in which data points are represented as nodes, and various aspects of the underlying organization of the data are captured through edges. Brain Connectomics ––– a... Read More

Jan 17

Fast Algorithms and Theory for High-Dimensional Bayesian Varying Coefficient Models

Ray Bai
Postdoctoral Researcher

Abstract: Nonparametric varying coefficient (NVC) models are widely used for modeling time-varying effects on responses that are measured repeatedly. In this talk, we introduce the nonparametric varying coefficient spike-and-slab lasso (NVC-SSL) for Bayesian estimation and variable selection... Read More