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Feb 3

Statistics Recruitment Seminar: Global and Local Estimation of Low-rank Random Graphs using Likelihood-based Methods

Fangzheng Xie
Ph.D. Candidate

Abstract: Random graph models have been a heated topic in statistics and machine learning, as well as a broad range of application areas. In this talk I will give two perspectives on the estimation task of low-rank random graphs using likelihood-based methods. Specifically, I will focus on... Read More

Jan 31

Statistics Recruitment Seminar: "Bayes in the time of Big Data"

Andrew Holbrook
Postdoctoral Scholar

Abstract: Big Bayes is the computationally intensive co-application of big data and large, expressive Bayesian models for the analysis of complex phenomena in scientific inference and statistical learning. Standing as an example, Bayesian multidimensional scaling (MDS) can help scientists learn... Read More

Jan 30

2020 CITRIS Core Seed Funding Program Info Session

CITRIS Directors

CITRIS invites all UCSC PIs to form teams with researchers on other CITRIS campuses - UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Davis Health and UC Merced - to submit proposals for the 2020 Core Seed Funding Program. The funding is available for projects in line with the CITRIS mission to ... Read More