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May 20

STAT Seminar Series: Massive-scale Sparse Inverse Covariance Matrix estimation: a data science perspective

Sang Yun-Oh
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Across a variety of scientific disciplines, sparse inverse covariance estimation is a popular tool for capturing the underlying dependency relationships in multivariate data. HP-CONCORD method is a highly scalable optimization method for estimating a sparse inverse covariance matrix... Read More

May 17

CPSRC Seminar - Software Exploitation: Hardware is the New Black

Cristiano Giuffrida

  Abstract: What would the world be like if software had no bugs? Software systems would be impenetrable and our data shielded from prying eyes? Not quite. In this talk, I will present evidence that reliable attacks targeting even "perfect" software are a realistic threat. Such attacks... Read More

May 13

STAT Seminar Series: Tests for high-dimensional general linear hypotheses through spectral shrinkage

Debashis Paul

Title: Tests for high-dimensional general linear hypotheses through spectral shrinkage Abstract: We consider the problem of testing linear hypotheses associated with a high-dimensional multivariate linear regression model under the setting where the dimensionality of the response is... Read More