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Jul 18

Defense: Bayesian Mixture Modeling and Order Selection for Markovian Time Series

Matthew Heiner
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Nonlinearity and high-order auto-dependence are common traits of univariate time series tracking successive states from multidimensional systems. Standard statistical models based on linear stochastic processes are often inadequate to capture these complex dynamics. This work... Read More

Jun 11

CITRIS Campus Seed Funding Information Session

CITRIS and the Banatao Institute create information technology solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. We invite Principal Investigators at UC Santa Cruz to apply for seed funding through our new, UCSC-only Campus Seed Funding Program. Teams of at least two PIs from at least two different... Read More

Jun 6

CITRIS Seminar: Electrostatic Discharge Causes Soft and Hard Failures: How to Characterize, Model and Protect?

David Pommerenke
Professor and IEEE Fellow

Abstract: ESD can cause soft failures and damaging hard failures.  To ensure functionality of a system which is exposed to ESD, the threat level, the coupling path, and the robustness of the ICs needs to be known.  Based on this, protection methods can be implemented.  This is... Read More