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Mar 17

Defense: Bayesian Models for Multivariate Count Data

Kurtis Shuler
PhD Candidate

Abstract: This dissertation focuses on the development of methodology for the analysis of multivariate count responses. Such contexts present a number of unique modeling challenges that are not well handled by standard models for count data which have restrictive mean-variance and correlation... Read More

Mar 16

Statistics Recruitment Seminar: Multidisciplinary Collaborations in Statistics

Marcela Alfaro
Assistant Professor

Abstract: Multidisciplinary collaborations are the pinnacle of statistical practice. As statisticians, we need to be able to understand research questions from other areas and propose and test new methodologies that can ensure a scientific answer. Much of the growth in statistical methods is in... Read More

Mar 13

Statistics Recruitment Seminar: Understanding p-values and Expanding Research Interests on Massive Data

Danqing Xu
Post-doctoral Research Scientist

Abstract: P-values in scientific studies are used to determine whether a null hypothesis formulated before the performance of the study is to be rejected or not. In exploratory studies, p-values enable the recognition of any statistically noteworthy findings. An understanding of p-values is... Read More