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Oct 22

AMS280B-01: Seminars in Statistics

Xiaoming Huo

Title: Non-convex optimization and statistical properties Abstract: Non-convex optimization has been introduced into statistics with a range of applications. Oneapplication is in the model selection under the sparse regression framework, with the celebrated methodssuch as the smoothly clipped... Read More

Oct 15

AMS280B-01: Seminars in Statistic

Xi Chen
Software Engineer

Title: Bayesian Dynamic Modeling for Streaming Network Data Abstract: Streaming network data of various forms arises in many applications, raising interest in researchto model and quantify the nature of stochasticity and structure in dynamics underlying such data. Oneexample context is that of... Read More

Oct 12

Advancement: Flexible Dynamic Quantile Linear Models

Raquel Barata
PhD Student (Advisor: Bruno Sanso and Raquel Prado)

Abstract:  Atmospheric rivers (ARs) play a key role in the global water cycle and regional weather. To understand the representation of ARs in global climate and weather models several techniques have been developed with the objective of detecting ARs. The primary component of many AR... Read More