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May 22

Defense: Temporal Data Models via Stochastic Processes

Rui Meng
Ph.D. Candidate

Abstract: Temporal data modeling plays a vital role in various research including finance, environmental science and neuroscience. Understanding and interpreting the evolutionary system behind temporal data is of interest. This work mainly emphasizes efficient statistical models on temporal data... Read More

May 22

Advancement: Mixture Transition Distribution Models for Non-Gaussian Temporal and Spatial Processes

Xiaotian Zheng
Ph.D. Student

Abstract: Mixture transition distribution (MTD) time series models build high-order dependence through a weighted combination of first-order transition densities for each one of a specified number of lags. We will present a framework to construct stationary MTD models that extend beyond linear,... Read More

May 20

Diverse Voices: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Company: Laura Mather

Laura Mather
CEO, Founder

Abstract Laura Mather is a CEO and entrepreneur who has started two companies. Her talk is titled "5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Company." Register at Bio Laura Mather, Ph.D.’s career has included starting two companies— Silver... Read More