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Nov 30

STAT Seminar Series: Modeling First Arrival of Migratory Birds using a Hierarchical Max-infinitely Divisible Process

Ben Shaby
Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics

Abstract: Humans have recorded the arrival dates of migratory birds for millennia, searching for trends and patterns.  As the first arrival among individuals in a species is the realized tail of the probability distribution of arrivals, the appropriate statistical framework with which to... Read More

Nov 23

STAT Seminar Series: A Latent Class Model for Verbal Autopsies

Zehang Richard Li
Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics

Abstract: Verbal autopsy (VA) is a survey-based tool for assigning a cause to deaths when traditional autopsy and cause certification are not available. It has been routinely used for mortality surveillance in low-resource settings. In the last decade, several statistical and machine learning... Read More

Nov 20

Exploring Baskin Engineering Majors

Is your current major right for you? Join a panel of faculty and students to explore engineering majors. Scan the QR code to register Professors:- Katia Obraczka- Narges Norouzi- Matthew Guthaus- Peter Alvaro- Sarah Abrahamsson- Jim Whitehead- Angus Forbes- Pascale Garaud- Marcella... Read More