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Sep 22

Defense: Spherical Latent Factor Model for Binary and Ordinal Data

Xingchen Yu
PhD Candidate

Abstract: Factor models are widely used across diverse areas of application for purposes that include dimensionality reduction, covariance estimation, and feature engineering. Traditional factor models can be seen as an instance of linear embedding methods that project multivariate observations... Read More

Aug 27

STAT MS Capstone project seminar

Amanda Coleman and Alex Pearson
Master of Science degree students

Title: Random Field Models for Spatial Smoothing of Airborne Lidar Transects Data Presenter: Amanda Coleman, MS student in Statistical Science (Advisor: Herbert Lee) Abstract: Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a form of remote sensing that utilizes laser scanners to produce a 3D point... Read More

Jul 15

HiTSeq 2020

Karen Miga
Research Investigator

Director of the Data Production Center at UCSC for the Human Pangenome Project and co-lead of the Telomere-to-Telomere consortium (T2T), Genomics Institute Research Investigator Karen Miga is a keynote speaker at HiTSeq, the yearly gathering of the ISCB Community of Special Interest in High... Read More