Senior Thesis

As a replacement for the Senior Design Project (EE 123 A&B), an electrical engineering student may undertake an individual program of study (EE 195, Senior Thesis, 5 units for two quarters) under the direction of a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering Department.

The student must obtain the prior approval of the Electrical Engineering Department for the substitution and the proposed project must be at a level that mimics the requirements for CMPE/EE 123A/B, Senior Design Project, as described in the General Catalog:

… apply knowledge and skills gained in elective track to complete a major design project. Complete research, specification, planning, and procurement for a substantial project. Includes technical discussions, design reviews, and formal presentations as well as engineering design cycles … and professional practices.

Steps required to prepare for a Senior Thesis:

  • Identify a faculty member who is appropriate for your field of study. Together, decide on an independent project that you will design, complete and document. In the first quarter of the project, sign up for a 2-unit EE 195 course (see below). In subsequent quarters, sign up for 5-unit EE 195 course/s.
  • Get a Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course form from the Engineering Undergraduate Advising Office (225 Baskin Engineering).

Fill it out with the sponsoring faculty member, detailing the work to be completed and what will be submitted to the instructor for grading. The form is signed by you the faculty member, Department Chair, and Undergraduate Director. Write "FOR USE AS A SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT" on the top of the form.

  • Take form to the Ugrad Advising Office. They will give you the class number that you will use to enroll in the EE 195 class.
  • Repeat these steps in any subsequent quarter in which you continue to work on the project.
  • Once completed, submit the project to your instructor.
  • Your sponsoring faculty member should submit the project to the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Director who emails the Undergraduate Advising Office that the project has been accepted as the senior comprehensive requirement for graduation.