Electronics and Photonics

The research in electronics and photonics at UCSC emphasizes novel devices and circuits with applications to high speed communication systems, fiber optics networks and microscale/nanoscale sensors. Examples of projects include high speed semiconductor lasers, heat generation and cooling in microscale and nanoscale devices, components for WDM systems, liquid crystal displays, optical information storage and high speed clock recovery circuits for fiber optics networks.

Facilities include:


  • 600 sq feet class-10K cleanroom for processing of semiconductor devices (4 class 100 laminar flow exhaust fume hoods)
  • 1200 sq feet characterization and testing laboratories
  • 1500 sq feet teaching laboratories (Properties of Materials, Optics, Electromagnetism and High Speed Electronics)

Major Equipment

  • Riber 2300 Solid Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy machine
    • 3 UHV chambers (preparation, analysis and growth)
    • Material sources: Arsenic, Gallium, Indium, Aluminum, Silicon and Beryllium.
    • Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED)
    • Mass Spectrum Analyzer
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer (500-1800nm)
  • Cryostat for microscopy and for optical transmission measurements (4-450K)
  • RF probe station with Cascade 40GHz micropositioners
  • 20GHz sampling scope with TDR, 2x 500MHz Digital Scopes
  • Lock-in Amplifier (DS P 100KHz and 200MHz, Analog 120KHz)
  • FFT Spectrum Analyzer (120KHz)
  • Pulse generators (3ns rise time, 20V pulse module)
  • FiberAlign high precision computer-controlled XYZ translation stage (6"x2"x1" travel, 25nm resolution)
  • Ar-Ion and Krypton Lasers
  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Hall Measurement system
  • Agilent 4156 Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer