Comprehensive MS Exam

Each student should select three topics from their depth area for the comprehensive exam.

Only EE graduate courses will be offered on the Comprehensive Exam. Even though some courses in other departments are approved toward the depth areas (such as TIM 206 and CMPE 264), courses offered by other departments will NOT be offered on the Comprehensive Exam. The topics offered for the Comprehensive Exam will be EE graduate courses that have been approved for the depth areas and offered within the last two academic years.

Exam Date

The next comprehensive exam will be offered at the end of the Spring 2018 quarter. The exact date, time, and location of the exam will be sent to students who register. Registration is required before April 20, 2018. The registration form can be accessed here.

Exam Details

Students will not be permitted to use calculators for the Comprehensive Exam.

The comprehensive exam is in writing and will consist of individual problems that students will solve. The faculty members in the different areas will prepare the exam questions based on the graduate courses in these areas. The exam will be administered in a single day in all three areas of concentration.