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Jun 6

Advancement: Development of Diagnostic Assays on an Integrated Photonic Platform

Alexandra Stambaugh
PhD Student

Abstract:  Efficient “Lab-on-a-Chip” devices can rapidly analyze small volumes of clinically relevant chemical or biological samples, which make them ideal candidates for portable “Point-of-Care” diagnostic tools. There have been a number of well-fabricated devices which employ integrated... Read More

Jun 4

EE 290 Graduate Seminar: Future Microsystems for Information Processing: Limits and Lessons from the Living Systems

Dr. Victor Zhirnov
Chief Scientist

Abstract: The presentation will address the impact of the physics of extremely scaledinformation processing devices and systems, with a focus on energy minimization. The fundamental limiting factors for electronic information processors are: 1) the tunneling limit on the minimal size due to... Read More

May 30

Defense: Tightly-coupled LiDAR and Camera for Autonomous Vehicles

Mohammad Hossein Daraei
PhD Candidate

Abstract:  Autonomous driving has received remarkable attention and investment from both industry and academia over the past couple of years. Researchers from different fields are contributing to solve various challenges towards fully autonomous cars, e.g. optics, light sensing, deep learning... Read More