Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering department at UC Santa Cruz aims to achieve engineering discoveries that benefit humankind through a combination of curiosity, open-mindedness, and inclusiveness. We aim to provide undergraduate and graduate students with inspiration and quality education, believing that rigor, creativity, and excitement should be part of the Electrical Engineering curriculum. Our undergraduate program is ABET accredited.


11 Faculty Members Join The Baskin School Of Engineering In 2017-18

The Baskin School of Engineering welcomes 11 new faculty this year, bringing the school’s total faculty count to 101. The new faculty members bring a wide range of expertise to the engineering school, enhancing already strong programs such as data science and computational genomics, and bringing... Read More

UC Santa Cruz researchers develop scalable method for virus detection

Early diagnosis of infectious diseases can lead to accurate treatments and can prevent transmission and long-term complications. But to detect and identify an infectious disease is not easy. Disease-causing pathogens are normally present in low concentrations, requiring extremely sensitive devices... Read More

Formula Slug: Race-Cars, Solar Panels, And The Key To Success

Formula Slug is a student led organization run by knowledgeable and dedicated undergraduates practicing hands-on engineering with projects such as designing solar panels and building electric race-cars. Though Formula Slug is an engineering-based student organization, the members invite anyone, of... Read More


Upcoming Events

Apr 9

EE 290 Graduate Seminar: Dr. Tali Konry

Dr. Tali Konry
Assistant Professor
Apr 16

EE 290 Graduate Seminar: Event-Triggered Sensing, Information Processing and Estimation for Internet of Things

Yih-Fang Huang
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Senior Associate Dean
Apr 23

EE 290 Graduate Seminar: Dr. Jeff Bokor

Dr. Jeff Bokor
Professor, Chair, Paul R. Gray Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering