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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UC Santa Cruz aims to achieve engineering discoveries that benefit humankind through a combination of curiosity, open-mindedness, and inclusiveness. We aim to provide undergraduate and graduate students with inspiration and quality education, believing that rigor, creativity, and excitement should be part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum. Our Electrical Engineering undergraduate program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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Applied Optics and Optofluidics

Bioelectronic and Bioprotonic

Cyber-Physical Systems

Robotics and Control

Uncertainty Aware
Robot Control


Marco Rolandi, Marcella Gomez, and Mircea Teodorescu lead the UCSC team working to develop a smart bandage for wound healing. (Photo by James McGirk)

UC Santa Cruz leads collaboration to speed wound healing with a novel smart bandage

UC Santa Cruz will lead a collaborative project to develop innovative technology for improving the healing of serious wounds, funded by a contract worth up to $16 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The UCSC team, working with doctors and scientists at UC Davis and... Read More

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

Having role models to look to is crucial for student success, but for female engineers, those role models can be few and far between. Only about one in five undergraduate engineering degrees is awarded to a woman, which has contributed to a perception that this field is only for men. National... Read More

Attendees of the 2019 WECEDHA annual summit

Baskin Engineering hosts 2019 Western Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Head Association summit

While the rest of campus was winding down in anticipation of Thanksgiving break, Baskin Engineering was humming with activity. The Electrical and Computer Engineering department and Marco Rolandi as chair hosted the 2019 WECEDHA annual summit, the western portion of the Electrical & Computer... Read More